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Seeing as how DeviantArts content submission is so dull its maddening, I'm going to have to post my Lore building stuff through my journal because genius.

File one:

[Subject: Seirahn race]

The Seirahn race are a humanoid-animal hybrid race of incredibly high intelligence, they are the dominant specie of their home planet of Seirah. Considered to be both wise and deadly, Seirahns are known for having powerful military forces but never using them due to both fear and respect from their enemies.

The planet of Seirah is located in the Forcedia Cluster orbiting the Star Casterberus-3, the planet was formed in the 14th century after the big bang, making not only the planet itself but its inhabitants almost ageless as the stars themselves. Due to this Seirah was enveloped in a raw form of primal energy which took the monicker of Aether, which Seirahns have been able to harness as an energy source, due to is permeation into both the earth and air but the very cosmos itself, Seirahns gained the ability to channel it through their own bodies, minds and spirits, lesser forms of intelligence call it magic, but the word Seirahn gave it is so old that even they have forgotten it. It was during this discovery of the technological and mystical discovery of Aether that “The Aether Wars” began on the lost continent in the centre of Seirah known as Dohmel, due to the violent outcome of the Wars the continent was sunk, razed or inhabitable but it was completely erased from existence creating “The Scar of Dohmel”, a pit of raw Aether bleeding out into the cosmos itself, After the “Wars”, The Grand Conciliate of the Aether. The conciliate governed over Seirah for the better half of three millennium.

However due to “The Scar of Dohmel” bleeding Aether into the world, this brought the attention of a Member of the Dark Council of Nine [Will be expanded in Lore Files: Demons] Lahabre-ha, The Drider King and The Betrayer of the Council, drawn by the bleeding Aether as well as a desire to become the New God. Due to this The Goddess, Odessyia [Will be Expanded upon in Lore Files: Divinity] Began to counter his dark crusade by creating her own hero Argus [See Lore Files: Heroes], Born of the purest aether he stood against Lahabre-ha and fought him for 12 days and 12 nights. When Lahabre-ha fell he shouted a curse, that he would try and try again, a total of nine times to be exact. After his first failure, the Age of Argus began, the Conciliate had divided and the governing powers fell apart, the people turned to the remaining royal families, The Yoko's of the East, The Farinar Of the South, The Dragonica of the North, and the Untamed wilds in the West.

The West was under the control of the Sisterhood of the Roar, a rather primal and strength based government made entirely of women, Due to their ideals of strength over all they have secluded themselves from the rest of the world. However due to this seclusion they limited themselves to the defences against future demonic emergence. When Lahabre-ha reappeared they were unready to deal with a large force of demons and acolytes, successfully wiping out a full third of their population. With this loss, they begged for the assistance of the three other royal families, who were more than glad to help. However due to a schism in the Farinar Empire, the Southern kingdom fell itself into a coup, “The Acolytes of the Drider” Took a foothold in their lands and erecting a large citadel calling it “The Black Keep” [See Lore Files: Acolyte Activities.]

The second coming of Lahabre-ha was so devastating and malicious that it nearly destroyed Seirah, however Argus had perished long before this horrific even took place, but a new hero arose to the challenge, Reinhardt van Blackmore, a scholar and mage of great skill. Blackmore used his power over shadows to bind and defeat Lahabre-ha, but a great cost, his own body, becoming a living shadow Blackmore hid himself from the rest of the world, due to his rather intimating presence and deadly power. It is thought that the reason Lahabre-ha hadn't returned after his encounter with Blackmore in under two different theories, The battle with Blackmore was so devastating to him that it took an additional six of his lives or that the other six chosen heroes travelled to “The Black Keep” and fought him there.

During those several centuries Seirah had expanded their foothold in not only their planet but also their star system, the Galaxy, and finally most of their Galactic neighbours. This caused them to encounter new races, the Arasai, a humanoid genderless gelatinous race, intelligent and physically indestructible, they are known for being conniving and tricky, however they are unable to exist without a source of water and when their home-world of Arasa had dried up due to solar expansion. Another race was the I'rah, a race of humanoids who stand at around eight feet, have no mouths and communicate telepathically, but their most noteworthy feature is their extra arms, they have one extra pair, The I'rah are a race of pilgrims who lost their home in a war. The last and most recent of the many races is the Humans of Earth, a world of blue seas and green land, that died to civil war between to classes, “The Pristine” a class who considered themselves to be the most pure human, despite being cloned and inbred through almost every generation, and “The Common” every other human who was not “granted” cleanliness [Will be expanded in Lore Files: Humans].

Hope you guys like this, because there is A LOT more to come.


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